CD0P1730.JPG EXIF Viewer제조사Canon모델명Canon EOS-1D X소프트웨어Digital Photo Professional촬영일자2016:05:29 18:43:17만든이Lim Sang-chun노출시간 0.001 s (1/1000) (1/1000)초감도(ISO)400조리개 값F/f/9.0조리개 최대개방F/9.1103090780535노출보정1431655764.67 (4294967294/3) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix촛점거리19.00 (19/1)mm사진 크기1200x800

Pretty Girls

Sorry I’m Very Late

I don’t Know your name

So called a pretty girl.


You find of your picture?

We make a picture in the mostar city at the front of catholic  church

in case you need of the original size picture?

You send me e-mail next address


I received your mail a record the sender e-mail address

After I am send your the original size pictures



Thank very much

Your visit to ours little photo site

See you again

 Form Gray haired young boy /  Lim sang-chun